4 Festivals to Experience While Living in Osaka

The skyline of Mt. Fuji.Japan is a country rich in culture and history. In fact, it’s popular for preserving traditions while welcoming new technology.

If you are planning to buy or rent a property in Osaka, one of the ways to immerse yourself is to see or participate in the many festivals of the region. If you want to join in on the festivities, here are some must-experiences for you:

Kishiwada Danjiri Matsuri

This festival is in Kishiwada City, Osaka in September. Participants ride and even pull a danjiri or wooden float that weigh more than 3,000 kg. It is one of the most exciting festivities in the country because of the flurry and excitement of people in traditional garb. The people drag the floats at fast speeds, with leaders dancing and hopping on and off the float.

Tenjin Matsuri

Osaka’s Tenmagu Shrine supports the festive Tenjin Matsuri that takes place in July. The second day brings the excitement and highlights of the festivity with processions on land and on the river. During the latter, the illuminated boats cast their vibrant reflection on the waters while the fireworks light up the night sky.

Gion Matsuri

Although the Gion Matsuri isn’t in Osaka, it takes place in nearby Kyoto, which is a train or bus ride away. It’s easy to go to during the weekends or on special occasions. This festival is one of the most famous in the country, and the festivities are in full swing in July. The highlight of the event is the “Yamaboko Junko” or the grand procession of beautifully and traditionally decorated floats that take place on the streets of Oike and Kawaramachi.

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Sakura no Toorinuke

Situated along the Yodo River, visitors get a visual feast of Sakura because of the approximately 350 trees of 120 different species. The driveway of the factory of banknotes of the Japan Mint provides access to this magical area to tourists for a week in April.

These are only a handful of the festivals you can experience in and near Osaka. The region has many other festivities that enable you to immerse in the country’s culture.