3 Things You Should Do to Prevent a Burglary

Burglar entering a homeThese days, homeowners are taking proactive approaches to protect their properties, which is why break-ins are less common than years ago. Still, a burglary takes place between 12pm and 5pm, which clearly suggests that household burglaries mostly occur during the day while people are at work, according to a report.

You know how disconcerting it feels to be a victim of a burglary. Along with getting a security system or installing steel security doors, there are other ways to make your home less vulnerable to burglars. King Security Doors cites some of them.

Make sure you know what’s happening in your neighbourhood

You reduce the odds of becoming a victim to the burglars if you are aware of the crime that takes place in your neighbourhood. By visiting crime insight websites, you can search for specific types of crime near your home, including burglary. You can likewise join a neighbourhood watch program so you are aware of local crime trends whilst making your community safer.

Re-evaluate and secure your home’s perimeter

Burglars target homes that seem easy to break into. Luckily, there are things you can do to secure your home’s perimeter and make it less attractive to criminals. Start by pruning any shrubs large enough for a criminal to hide behind. You may also want to scan your yard for any material they could use to gain access to your home. These include hammers, ladders, or wires. Secure them in a storage room inside your home.

Protect your spare keys

Burglars are keen to locating outdoor keys. So do not place them in obvious locations; instead, hide them somewhere much less conspicuous. Better yet, replace your lockset with a keyless door lock, and you will never have to worry about stashing your key again.

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As they say, chance favours the prepared. By taking these steps, you are on your way to protecting your home from burglars.