4 Maintenance Tips for Healthy Drainage Systems

a man fixing drainage system

The perfect way to maintain a functional drainage system in your home is through prevention. Generally, you need to know what goes down the drain so that you prevent the buildup of dirt and debris. For starters, you need to check on your drainage system regularly with the help of drainage contractors. Besides that, you need to adhere to maintenance tips to keep your drain system healthy throughout the year.

1. Use a drain guard

A drain guard on plugholes is an effective way of reducing the amount of waste that goes down your kitchen or bathroom sink. Drain guards can be made of metal or plastic, and they collect debris. Also, consider buying a drain guard for your bathroom to collect loose hair and other debris from being washed down the drain.

2. Use boiling water often

The other effective way of maintaining healthy drainage systems is washing them out with hot water at least once a week. Hot water is integral in making sure that the oils found in food products run down the drainage rather than build up on the inside of pipes. The oils are one of the most significant contributors of sluggish and clogged drains.

3. Watch out for trouble signs

Sometimes drainage system problems are not easily noticeable until they become severe. However, you can easily tell signs of trouble brewing up if you are careful or you often check on your drains. Make sure that you hire a contractor, such as Un-Block, if you notice leakage signs or a weird smell.

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4. Clean your garbage disposal

Homeowners should clean their garbage disposal at least once a month. You can also use table salt and ice cubes. This is an excellent solution to reduce the side effects of slime and grease.

These guidelines will protect your drainage system and reduce repair costs. These should be part of your routine. Importantly, make sure that you hire an experienced plumber when you notice anything unusual rather than try to fix it on your own.