4 Reasons Why Your Air Conditioner is not Functioning as It Should

Man checking his malfunctioning air conditionerA non-functional air conditioner is the last thing any homeowner wants in their home, especially with the hot summer fast-approaching. For this reason, many individuals want to understand why air conditioners sometimes fail to cool properly. Before you call in an HVAC company for air conditioning repair services in Salt Lake City, Action Plumbing suggests you look at the following four reasons your air conditioner might have failed to function effectively.

An Undersized AC Unit

Air conditioners come in different sizes to suit different room sizes and cooling needs. A small air conditioner will have to work harder to cool a large room. The next time you for an air conditioner, consider your cooling needs and the size of your room instead of picking the smallest and cheapest air conditioning unit.

A Faulty Compressor

The compressor is the cooling unit of the AC unit. The primary purpose of the compressor is to compress the coolant before circulating it through the evaporator and condenser coils. A defect in the compressor affects the cooling process of the air conditioner.

Clogged Filters

If you neglect your AC routine maintenance, the air filter can easily be clogged with dust and debris. The clogs will prevent the flow of air through the system, thus reducing the cooling power of the air conditioning unit. Cleaning the air filter will solve this problem.

Problems with the Coolant

Found in the evaporator coil, the coolant in the AC unit is responsible for cooling the air that circulates in your space. Once the coolant reduces below a certain level, it becomes hard to cool the surrounding air. Refilling the coolant to the normal levels restores the normal functioning of the air conditioning unit.

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Now that you are familiar with the possible causes of your air conditioning malfunctioning, you can do a check-up on your AC and solve the problem accordingly. If you cannot locate the problem, call a licensed HVAC company for a system check-up. The HVAC experts will diagnose the problem and later recommend a suitable air conditioning repair service to bring your AC system back to life.