4 Things to Remember When Building Your New Home

A mini house models and a key

Building a new house from scratch is a lot more complicated than buying a prefabricated one. However, constructing a house from scratch gives you the freedom to design the house the way you want.

Before going through this life-changing task, here are a few things to remember:

1. Check the Location and Permits

Make sure to go over all the local codes, zoning codes, as well as residential or homeowners’ guidelines. You can discuss it with your residential architect (we’ll get into that later) to make sure your house abides by every standard and won’t be violating any building codes.

2. Check your Finances

Build for the future. Don’t build too big; you might not need that space a few years from now. Remember that a large house, which already comes with a higher price tag, is also more expensive to keep; you have to take its maintenance and cleaning costs into account.

Manage your mortgage and be careful not to get too deep in the red. Don’t get too crazy about customizing your home’s design, but remember to keep what you think will be important to you.

3. Hire an Architect

Getting a residential architecture studio like Scenario Architecture ensures your house is safe and stable. They take into account the environment, location, and local building codes as they take your vision and turn it into a workable design.

Designing a house is a collaborative process, so make sure to give clear instructions on what you want to happen. Most architects will deliver rough estimates on the costs and timetable, as well as provide the contacts you might need.

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4. Get a Good Contractor

You’ll need a reputable contractor to make sure construction stays within the budget and the time frame. Ask for regular walkthroughs in every stage of construction, but try not to provide additional input beyond the scope of the contract.

Building a house from nothing is a daunting task. However, having a home that is tailored exactly for you and your family will bring you a sense of pride and satisfaction for years and years to come.