5 Garage Improvements That Can Save on Energy Costs

Garage Improvements

Garage Door in Salt Lake CityOwning a garage door is essential not only for your comfort but also for your convenience. Nonetheless, high energy bills at the end of the month are not everyone’s cup of tea. Fortunately, there are some improvements on your garage space and door that can improve energy efficiency. These ways include:


While some people consider insulation to be an expensive solution, at the end of the day, it’s all worth it compared to your utility bills. This commonly applies to people who use their garage as an extra room of the house either as a gym or as an office. Insulating your garage walls and doors will help keep your space cool and save you some dollars. Do not forget to insulate your windows as they can allow heat out.

LED bulbs

The experts at pricedoors.com say the latest Salt Lake City garage doors come with light bulbs attached to them. Traditional light bulbs guzzle energy, thus, it is important to change to an LED bulb. LED s use less energy and provide you with the necessary lighting for your garage.

Fan Installation

Garages over time tend to become congested due to the stuff that’s stored. Having an exhaust fan installed helps cool your garage door without spending a lot on cooling costs. Furthermore, you also protect the items in your garage.

Weather stripping

Check your garage door’s weather stripping and bottom seal. You can do this by running your hand along the perimeter if your door. You’ll feel the perimeter and the drafts. If the bottom seal has cracked due to aging or there is mold, you may want to consider replacing the weather stripping. A certified garage door technician can fix the weather strip for you.

Replace your garage door

Some of the suggested tips may not work if you have an old garage door. With the government now offering a 30% tax credit on energy efficient garage doors, it’s the best time to have yours replaced. This can make a huge difference in your utility bills.

Having regular garage door maintenance can prolong its life as well as increase its efficiency and help you lower your energy costs. Applying these tips will make the difference and help you enjoy coming home to a cool and comfortable environment.