5 Reasons to Live in Lansing, Michigan

A view of Lansing, Michigan Do you want to a complete change of pace and scenery? How about ditching your car for bikes and walking shoes? Would you want your dollars to go far? Then living in Lansing, Michigan, can be your best decision.

Residing in the state’s capital means:

1. Spending Less

According to Area Vibes, the cost of living in Lansing is 84, which sets it much lower than the state’s average, which is 89. This makes it one of the most affordable cities in the United States. Housing is very cheap, and you can find a lot of well-maintained, modern apartments for rent in Lansing, Michigan. Many of these already have utilities included, so you don’t have to bring too many things during your move.

2. Walking a Lot

The city has a high walkable score, which is great as it helps you save more money and burn the extra calories.

3. Biking a Lot Too

If walking isn’t your thing, then perhaps biking is. The city is teeming with mopeds and bike routes. Making cycling even easier is the city’s terrain, which is flat.

4. Being Near to Almost Everything

Lansing has a lot of bars, clubs, and beer joints for your weekly nightcap and a fill of good music and food. However, if you want more skyscrapers, noisier nightlife, and better access to concerts and the arts, just drive an hour to Grand Rapids. Ann Arbor, meanwhile, is ideal for science- and tech-driven people and is only an hour away as well.

5. Living Close to Nature

Michigan has one of the most beautiful landscapes especially during autumn, and Lansing is not an exception. Although the famous Michigan Lake is only about an hour away, you can enjoy fishing and swimming in the inland waterways.

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Living in Lansing does have its disadvantages, but the pros certainly weigh more. In fact, you’ll forget about the downsides and just have an amazing time settling here!