5 Ways to Spice Up Classic Christmas Decorations

Christmas Decorations Every holiday season, residential Christmas lights brighten up the neighborhood and the mood at night. But in daytime, it is the fun and colorful mixture of decors that catches the attention of the people around. Trees, lights, wreaths, balls, bells, and garlands are classic Christmas decors. You can either go with the time-tested decorations or spice things up with the following ideas:

Reindeer Wreath

A wreath hanging in the door is a staple in many homes during the holidays. Some have a reindeer head mounted instead of a wreath. If you can’t decide which one to choose for your door, feature both of them instead. Make it look like you hung the wreath on the neck of the reindeer.

Different Leaves

Real and fake pine needles are used in many Christmas decors such as trees, garlands, and wreaths. Such leaves are already part of the tradition. However, no one said you can’t use other leaves along with pine needles. For your wreaths and garlands, try to add other foliage to show different shades of green in your decors.

Candy Cane Wreaths and Holders

For the candy-loving homeowner, a big candy cane is a good replacement for the wreath in the front door. Making a wreath with nothing but actual candy canes is also a good idea. Complete the candy cane obsession by featuring big ones in pots, boxes, baskets, and bowls.

Fake Burning Bush

In many states, a lot of bushes lose their foliage in winter. You can put colorful Christmas balls to make them look lively. Another option is to uproot a bush and place it in a pot or box. Decorate it with white or orange lights to make it appear like a burning bush.

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Festive Mailbox

A lot of homeowners skip the mailbox when setting up their outdoor decors. It’s just sad, considering that Christmas cards are deposited there. A simple garland is enough to give it a festive look. If you want something more creative, place some cones, ribbons, and cranberries at the top of your mailbox.

Complete your decors with more artistic Christmas lights patterns. There are lots of new twists to the classic Christmas lights as well, such as synchronizing them to music.