Welcome to GARDENA High School..... Panthers, we are having a Special Bell Schedule on Tuesday, CAHSEE testing begins...Good Luck!!  Don't forget school starts at 7:45am...be on time... Gooo panthers!!
Telephone Directory
Teachers and Administration
Switchboard (Teachers) 310-354-5000
Principal, Rudy Mendoza 310-354-5000
Assistant Principal, Mark Brownfield 310-354-5007
Assistant Principal, Aracely Martinez 310-354-5005
Assistant Principal, Marva Woods 310-354-5000
Assistant Principal, Secondary Counseling Services, Pam Jackson 310-354-5033
Support Staff
Activities Director, Diane Jimenez 310-354-5000
Athletics Director, Ed Kamiyama 310-354-5024
Career Advisor, Charles DeCuir 310-354-5049
Cafeteria Manager, Wendy Morgan 310-354-5042
Coordinator, College Center, Dean Seislove 310-354-5049
Coordinator, English Learners, Rudy Beltran 310-354-5052
Coordinator, Foreign Language Magnet, Maria Camarero 310-354-5008
Coordinator, Healthy Start, Diane Schweitzer 310-354-4961
Coordinator, SCIBA Academy, Lakisha Clark 310-354-5099
Coordinator, Special Education, TBA 310-354-5022
Coordinator, Title I, Alice Butler 310-354-5057
Counselor, Attendance, TBA 310-354-4929
Counselor, Attendance, TBA 310-354-4931
Counselor, Stephanie Bennett (SHAPS) 310-354-5035
Counselor, Sanjo Bialosky (Green House) 310-354-5030
Counselor, Mary Klapp (CALS/AME) 310-354-5032
Counselor, Jennifer Lee (Green House) 310-354-5034
Counselor, Darlene Mason-Lockett (CALS/SCIBA) 310-354-5023
Counselor, Angiela Medina (ACCER) 310-354-4933
Counselor, Judith Myers (ELL/SHAPS) 310-354-5052
Counselor, Scott Olson (ACCER, AVID) 310-354-4935
Dean of Students (CALS), Daron Andrade 310-354-4934
Dean of Students (SHAPS), Carlos Loza 310-354-5024
Dean of Students (Green House), Martín Mira 310-354-5025
Dean of Students (ACCER), Ronald Williams 310-354-5027
School Nurse, Terry Siegel 310-354-5037
School Psychologist, Guillermo Quinones 310-354-4922
Attendance Office 310-354-5018
Cafeteria 310-354-5042
College/Career Center 310-354-5049
Computer Room 310-354-5013
Counseling Office 310-354-5012
Deans' Office 310-354-5026
Health Office 310-354-5036
Healthy Start Office 310-354-4961
Library. 310-354-5040
Magnet Office 310-354-5010
Main Office 310-354-5000
Physical Education, Boys 310-354-5047
Physical Education, Girls 310-354-5046
Plant Manager 310-354-5048
Records and Transcripts 310-354-5029
Special Education Office 310-354-5022
Textbooks 310-354-5041

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