Welcome to GARDENA High School..... Panthers, we are having a Special Bell Schedule on Tuesday, CAHSEE testing begins...Good Luck!!  Don't forget school starts at 7:45am...be on time... Gooo panthers!!
Panther Guide to Success


  1. Attend school every day.
  2. Bring necessary school supplies and participate fully in all learning activities.
  3. Dedicate two hours each night to homework and studying.
  4. Think seriously about college and career goals.
  5. Read for pleasure in a book each day.


  1. Report to class on time.
  2. Respect others, cooperate with all adults, and do not use profanity.
  3. Keep CD players and electronic devices turned off and out of sight while in class.
  4. Cell phones may not be visible, turned on, or used during school hours.
  5. Refrain from displays of physical affection.
  6. Wear school ID at all times.

Panthers May Not

  1. Panthers may not wear, possess, or display non-Gardena hats, caps, or headgear.
  2. Panthers may not wear pants that are sagging or worn below the hip.
  3. Panthers may not wear bare-midriff, low-cut, or other revealing styles.
  4. Panthers may not wear clothing or items associated with gangs, taggers, crews, or posses.
  5. Panthers may not wear clothing that promotes controlled substances, hate, or inappropriate behavior.


  1. Three tardies during period one, or one tardy during periods two through six, will result in Saturday School.
  2. Students who violate class rules will receive detention from the teacher and a phone call to the parent. Detention must be served by the next class session.
  3. Items that are prohibited will be confiscated and held until thirty minutes after school. Continued infractions may delay the return of confiscated items.
  4. Failure to serve detention will result in assignment to Saturday school.
  5. Failure to attend Saturday school will result in suspension.
  6. Students who commit serious offenses (habitual misbehavior; defiance; truancy; threats; fighting; running to a fight; gambling; smoking; vandalism; theft; possession of tobacco, drugs or alcohol; possession of a weapon or replica weapon) will be subject to suspension, citation, arrest, opportunity transfer, and/or expulsion.
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