Advantages of Elderly Walk-In Bathtubs

Clean and tidy bathroom interior.Walk-in bathtubs, can give elderly persons some comfort and peace of mind when taking a bath. It offers them a broad range of benefits.

As we age, our strength may deteriorate. With this, entering and exiting the bathtub can be dangerous or difficult. Mishaps can happen. Finding an elderly bathtub can help solve this problem. Elderly bathtubs (also called walk-in bathtubs) are bathtubs customized for safety and accessibility. Let us take a look at some of its benefits.

Added Safety and Comfort

Walk-in tubs give an elderly individual some peace of mind when bathing. The door of the tub makes entry and exit safely. It also removes the need for a sliding shower door, which can be unsafe for some senior citizens. An elderly bathtub usually has a molded seat so the senior citizen need not sit all the way on the floor of the tub.

Therapeutic Features

Some bath tubs have therapeutic features that give the elderly a spa feeling. Some models of tubs help treat chronic conditions and improve other medical ailments. For pain in joints and muscles, some elderly bathtubs offer hydrotherapy, which is quite expensive in the market.


Some walk-in bath tubs are wheelchair-accessible. Thus, it allows individuals advanced in age to take a bath without help from another person. Bathing independently can help increase their self-determination.

Reduces Fall- or Slip-Related Costs

The Center for Disease Control reveals that the average hospital cost for a fall injury can reach $35,000. As mentioned earlier, safety was a top priority in making walk-in tubs. Therefore, they can significantly reduce these costs.

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Limited movement is one of the major issues that the elderly will face in the future. Luckily, they can trust on special bathtubs for a safer and more comfortable bathing experience.