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Internationally famous Attorney Thomas Arthur Mesaereau, Jr. addressed four separate groups of Gardena High School students beginning 8:00 a.m. Friday morning, February 26, 2010, at Gardena High School, 1301 West 182nd Street, Gardena, California 90248, about making decisions, tattoos, gang activity, the justice system and setting personal goals. The first group included over 350 students and teachers assembled in the Ralph C. Dills Auditorium. The students and teachers were able to ask questions following the 35 minutes speech by the famous lawyer.
“We were so mesmerized listening to him speak you could hear a pin drop in the auditorium, said Danielle Zunega, a junior at Gardena High.,
Attorney Mesereau, best known for his defense of the late Michael Jackson, Robert Blake, Mike Tyson, Larry Carroll, and countless other lesser known defendants, spoke to the students who sat in silence, mesmerized by his unusually candid message about our justice system. He told the first group of over 350 students that they could easily end up with a murder conviction and spend life in prison just for being in the car with someone who unexpectedly pulls a gun and shoots someone. It is easier to get out of prison in Alabama than in California, he told the students.
Attorney Mesereau urged the students in all four morning speeches to work hard to become a success because they will have more freedom if they do. He also urged them to consider law as a career because it gives you so many more options, he said.
Following Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca who spoke to the Gardena High Panthers on February 16, 2010, Attorney Tom Mesereau was the second influential speaker to come to Gardena High to participate in the Panthers Distinguish Speaker Series. The series is sponsored by the small learning community at Gardena High known as SHAPS (Sports, Health and Public Service) however the entire school is invited to participate. The next speaker expected in the series is Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Kevin D. Filer, according to Gardena High History teacher and UTLA Chapter Chair Saul E. Lankster.

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Los Angeles County Sheriff Dr. Lee Baca addressed eleventh grade History students Tuesday morning, February 16, 2010 at Gardena High School, 1301 West 182nd Street , Gardena, California, about setting goals, determination, perseverance, and giving of one’s self. The 45 minutes exchange with the students began after three students volunteered to recite Chuck Swindoll’s essay, Attitude. Gardena High School juniors Quintessa Andrus, Frank Ramirez, and Dajuan Perryman recited the Attitude essay flawlessly, impressing the sheriff, Dr. Lee Baca.
Sheriff Baca began his dialogue by asking the students how many of them had set goals for themselves. He told the students that they must be determined in order to reach those goals, and that they must persevere in order to reach them. He also told them that in life you must be willing to give of yourself by helping others in times of need and by sacrificing for causes bigger than ourselves. He then asked the students to share who would be willing to give more than what they expected to receive. He told the students that growing up he was always willing to help out at home, washing dishes, doing the laundry, ironing shirts, and other chores. Urging them to never give up, the sheriff told the students it took him four years to finish community college because he was working and going to school at the same time, however at age 51, he earned his Ph.D. degree from the University of Southern California (USC).
Sheriff Baca ended his presentation by sharing a personal testimony on determination, i.e., he runs eight miles every day first thing in the morning. He has run a total distance that equals two trips around the world in miles! Danielle Zuniga, the student who represented the class in welcoming the sheriff said she was inspired by Dr. Baca’s presentation.
After concluding his presentation to the students, the sheriff pinned a sheriff’s star in the lapel on the hosting history teacher and head of the UTLA Teacher’s Union, Saul E. Lankster, who extended the invitation to the sheriff on behalf of the Gardena High School students. Lankster, former Compton School Board president, became Compton’s first African American fireman in 1967 and later became a Compton policeman after graduating from the Los Angeles Sheriff Academy Class 133.

SHAPS - SPORTS MEDICINE, HEALTH, AND PUBLIC SERVICE The vision of SHAPS is focused on providing a strong foundation and preparation for entering public service and health-related fields of study. Students aligning themselves with the SHAPS Academy will be encouraged to pursue career pathways in areas such as health care, sports medicine, and medical and pharmaceutical technician; as well as public service careers including law enforcement, government and public administration, and education. SHAPS covers so many popular career pathways that it will be attractive to all students regardless of gender, cultural background, and previous academic standing. The SHAPS small learning community will be offering a Medical Terminology class for all those students interested in a health field occupation The class will be held Monday-Thursday from 3:15-4:15 pm. Students upon completion will earn a certificate that is widely recognized in the heath industry. For additional information, see Mrs. Kalatzis in room E-2 about the Medical Terminology class. Also, Ms. Wallace is available in W-16 to answer questions pertaining to medical internships. SHAPS is also working together with Ms. Schweitzer and the Gardena Health Clinic for your benefit. Finally, I would encourage you to stay tuned to this website for more information about SHAPS during this semester as many exciting and interesting activities will be planned by our staff.

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