Are Mobile Workforces the Future for Plumbing Contractors?

Mobile Workforce Mobile workforces are becoming common for businesses — and plumbing companies are no exception. Some plumbers, for instance, keep track of their service emails and calls using a mobile device. By doing so, they would check less with their dispatchers and rely more on technology. Mobile workforce technology can benefit both companies and plumbing contractors in the future.

The Benefits of a Mobile Workforce

Contracting companies that offer plumbing services, such as the Mechanical Contractors of Maine, can track and document the workload of their contractors on their laptop computers, tablets, and smartphones. This eliminates the need to log entries in spreadsheets, log books, and other paper-based systems. Getting rid of these systems can increase cost savings and enhance company efficiency.

A mobile workforce also reduces the need for workstations and other dedicated workspaces. In an article by Agilquest, accommodating an office worker can cost anywhere between $10,000 and $15,000. Although buying the tools needed for a mobile workforce program can be pricey at first, it can pay for itself in the long run. In fact, equipment expenses in many instances can be surprisingly small as many people already have on-the-go devices like smartphones or tablets.

Addressing Technology Concerns

Although there are a lot of benefits to switching to a mobile workforce, implementing this in a plumbing company may be challenging. Some plumbers, for instance, may insist on following paper-based procedures. They may also reason out concerns on the security of customer and company data. Companies, however, can overcome these challenges be implementing effective protocols on information security and management. In addition, they can partner with companies that specialize in data security solutions to store sensitive data securely.

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A mobile workforce can be difficult for plumbers who like to stick with traditional processes, but it can present huge benefits and convenience in the long run. Despite the challenges, embracing technology can enhance business processes and increase productivity and revenues.