Australia’s Tiny Homes: The Rising Star in Real Estate

A Tiny House


Acquiring a Tiny House IdeaNot everything about Australia is great. Let’s take housing as an example. Sydney houses can be worth as much as $570,000. Moreover, in 20 years, the children today need more than twice the purchasing power of their parents to afford a home. After all, by then, a typical house in some of its busiest cities can cost a whopping $6 million.

Is there a way around the surging housing costs? Fortunately, there is: you can always consider a tiny home.

The Growing Phenomenon

Tiny homes are growing popular in many countries, such as Japan, the UK, and U.S. It’s also gaining ground in Australia for people who like to not only save money from housing, but also live off the grid.

One of the best features of a tiny house is its price, which can be as low as $68,000. These houses can already have a living room, dining area, a bath, and a bedroom, which is usually a loft style to add more space. These can also be portable, and in Australia, you can tow them as long as their dimensions do not exceed 4.3 metres in height, 2.5 metres in width, and 12.5 metres in length. The weight should also not go beyond 4,500 kilogrammes.

Overcoming Limitations

Despite the benefits of tiny homes, they also have several limitations like meeting other building standards especially when it comes to plumbing and heating. For this, you should get more information from the local council.

As for decorating your space, it pays to pick multifunctional furniture pieces such as wooden cubbies, which are modular in design. You can stack them up in different levels and use them to organise books, children’s toys, and shoes. You can also use them to create a dining table, floor-to-ceiling shelving, and kitchen cabinets.

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Tiny homes are not for everyone, but as long as you’re willing to adopt the new lifestyle, they can solve your rental and property ownership woes.