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A Few Benefits of Cedar Structures

September 12, 2017 Garden AHS 0

There are various kinds of factory sheds including garden sheds, garage sheds, double garage sheds, storage sheds and two story sheds just to mention a few. You need to consider your needs, the dimensions of […]

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Sensible Solutions to Weed Infestation

August 29, 2017 Garden AHS 0

While it is possible to have a healthy and green backyard, it is not realistic to maintain a lawn that is 100% weed-free. Experts suggest that, without homeowners even noticing, a typical yard may have around […]

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House Decor that Sells

August 15, 2017 Garden AHS 0

When improving your home’s property value, forget boldly colored walls. USA Today mentions that white is the safest color to choose if you want a quick sale. White can be too boring by itself, though. […]

A lengthening ice dam by the rain gutter
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Ice Dams: What You Need to Know

July 31, 2017 Garden AHS 0

Ice dams cause damage to roofs as they often build up on roof edges after a snowstorm.  According to the Federal Emergency Management Agency, these shelves of ice are formed when the water from melted […]