Check Your Heating System this Summer

Plumber Checking Water Heater

With a heating system, you can have a warm and snug winter season in the future. This fact obviously requires that you care for your heating system for a comfortable winter.

Now, although you may currently rely on your home’s air conditioning since it is still summer, you can already maintain and check your heating system for any problems in preparation for the winter season. When you take care of your heating early, you can prevent any troubling heating problems during winter.

Common Heating Problems

You may already know how to maintain your heating system. Otherwise, you can easily search for maintenance practices online. Aside from maintenance, however, do you know how to identify heat problems?

The list below will be able to orient you on the different heating problems you may encounter when testing your heating out this summer.

Gas Leaks

Gas leaks can happen, and you have to act fast for the safety of your home, your family, and yourself. When you smell a foul odor, evacuate your home and turn off the gas supply valve. You can find the valve by the gas meter.

Once you have turned the valve, call for heating repair professionals here in Salt Lake City for immediate help. Stay outside until your home is safe.

Varying Temperatures

Sometimes, your heating system may build up the air inside of it, causing the radiator to have differing temperatures in its upper and lower halves. You can bleed the radiator with a radiator key to fix this. Turn the system off before bleeding it, however.

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With the key, you can twist open the valve at the radiator’s top corner to get rid of the air.

You can learn more about other common heating problems through research. No heat, knocking sounds, frequent system shut offs, and more all indicate heating problems. When you encounter a heating problem, you can try to fix it on your own if you can.

In times of emergency or with problems of complexity, however, call the professionals immediately.