Different Shades of Blue: Choosing between Dark and Light-Coloured Pools

Amazing swimming pool at nightBuying a swimming pool means more than just deciding on its size and shape. The colour of the swimming pool could, in fact, also have a huge impact on its overall appeal and the type of swimming experience you want to create. A dark-coloured pool, for instance, gives a greater impression of depth, while a light-coloured one reflects lights better.

Guardian Industries, a leading pool supplier in Perth, emphasises the importance of selecting a pool shade that reflects the owner’s lifestyle before settling on a pool design. Read on to find out more about each colour type to guide you in your pool colour selection process:

Light-Coloured Pools Give a Backyard Beach Feel

If you want your backyard swimming pool to create a tropical beach experience, then opt for a light-coloured pool. Light-coloured pool water tends to reflect heat and radiation more than a dark-coloured pool, leading to cooler water temperatures. So, if you’re the type who fancies a dip in cold waters, light-coloured pools are perfect for you.

While light, bright pools can show off pool lights magnificently, it also requires frequent cleaning. Light-coloured pools often bring more attention to themselves, and debris at the bottom will be immediately apparent. So, if you want a pool with lighter shades, keep in mind that it comes with the responsibility of regular maintenance.

Dark Pools Create a Lukewarm Swimming Experience

Dark-coloured pools guarantee bigger energy savings than a lighter one. Dark pools absorb the sun’s rays and heat better, leading to an increase in water temperature. During summer, dark-coloured pool owners can expect a warm swimming experience as they revel in the sophisticated vibe of a darker, fancier swimming pool.

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A dark-coloured pool could affect depth perception, however. Since dark pools can appear black at night, it could make the pool look deeper than it seems. Additionally, warmer water is prone to becoming an algal breeding ground; pool owners should not forget to have the pool regularly cleaned and maintained.

The colour of water affects the perception, water temperature, an overall vibe of a pool. So, take note of the pros and cons of each pool colour before having one installed.