Five Home Features to Look Out For in Australian Homes

A House with Swimming Pool

A House with Swimming PoolBuying a home in Perth, Australia? Here’s a list of some of the most common and/or sought-after features of Australian homes to help you in making an informed decision.

  1. Air-conditioning

According to the Daily Telegraph, home air-conditioning is the most popular feature that most homebuyers in Australia look for. When doing your ocular, ensure that the property is well ventilated and has a good heating and cooling system.

  1. Swimming Pools

In 2007, the number of Australian homes with swimming pools surged by 11.7 percent. Based on reports, households in the Northern Territory (28.9 percent) has the most number of swimming pools, followed by Queensland (17.9 percent), Western Australia (15.4 percent) and Tasmania (3.8 percent). If you live in Perth, swimming pools from Guardian Industries are great additions to your home just as much as air conditioning for the summer months.

  1. Hallways and Front Doors

When people buy period homes, they often look for heritage features including hallways and original front doors. The make and colour of front doors are unique to period homes, and they are often the first things people notice. A decorative door that opens to a wide hallway is always a winning combination.

  1. Floors

Renovating floors is an expensive undertaking. That is why many homebuyers focus on the quality of floors when buying a house, especially a period home. Hardwood and Baltic pine floors are often showstopper features.

  1. Verandas or Porches

These are great additions to any home, especially for ones designed for large families. It’s a great space for relaxing and entertaining friends. Homes with solid column verandas always sell at a good price.

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Finding the Right Australian Home for You

While finding the perfect home is always subjected to one’s preferences and priorities, watching out for the classic Australian home features can help you make your search more meaningful. Whether you are buying homes in the city or suburbs, considered these features to help you find the right property.