Here’s What It Takes To Win A Garden Competition

Clean and green gardenThe Essex Annual Spring Garden Competition will be in full bloom soon, and if you are one of the contest hopefuls, then you know that keeping the perfect garden is the number one priority. Many of the contestants every year are showing off their prized petunias and lovely lilies, and if you want to take part in this exciting tradition, then here are some tips to turn even the brownest of thumbs a bright and lively green!

Healthy Plants

Before you even think about whether you stand a chance in this super competitive event, you have to take care of your number one asset: your plants. Keeping them healthy takes a lot of commitment and hard work, but it will take a load more work if you start out with the unhealthy specimen to begin with. Before buying your plants, check them carefully for visible signs of diseases. Stems should be free of spots, leaves should be free of bugs, and roots should look healthy and growing.

Your Garden

After you’ve ensured the quality of your plants, it’s time to focus on your garden. If you are a beginner that has absolutely no idea where to begin, perhaps acquiring the aid of a garden designer like Oakleigh Manor can give you a good place to start. He or she can help you plan and organise your garden for optimum growth, beauty, and productivity.

The Competition

There are plenty of categories for annual Spring Festival, and it’s essential that you choose one and focus on that. If you’re in it for vegetative growth, then you wouldn’t stand a chance in garden design and landscaping as some vegetables do not necessarily appear the prettiest. However, if you’re entering the gardening competition, then aesthetics should play a crucial role in your planning.

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The competition is perhaps one of the best for any aspiring gardener out there, and if you’re not afraid to get a little earth on your hands, then you would do just fine!