House Decor that Sells

Lush gardenWhen improving your home’s property value, forget boldly colored walls. USA Today mentions that white is the safest color to choose if you want a quick sale. White can be too boring by itself, though. Fortunately, you can still make your home stand out with “switchables”- items that you can easily take in and out of the house as needed.

Here are some ideas that would give your home that extra pizzazz to wow potential buyers:

Colorful Pots for the Garden

No matter how big or small your backyard is, you’d want planters to liven up the space. Forget about plain clay planters. You can go for painted Italian planters from Authentic Provence that give your greens an extra splash of color. They’d go perfectly with your flowering plants once they are in full bloom, but they can also be used for herbs and palm trees. Coordinate your garden pots so they give your outdoor space a unified theme for an instant style upgrade.

Use Accent Colors

Aside from white walls, mirrors can let in more light in the room to make the space seem bigger. You can also use blinds and shades in an accent color that fits the room’s motif. For instance, blue can fit well in the bedroom, yellow and orange can go in the kitchen, and green can be in small details everywhere, especially if you cannot add actual plants inside the house.

Choose Furniture Wisely

Aside from choosing the style of furniture, make sure their colors also match the room’s motif. You can have oversized couches in cozy blues and beige for a nautical room, paired with seashell decor on the walls. You can also go for ornate designs inspired by European villas. Choosing a motif makes your house inviting and gives it more character.

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With plenty of houses on the market, you can use these tips to make yours stand out from the competition. Having a well-designed house not only attracts buyers, but drives up property values as well.