Ice Dams: What You Need to Know

A lengthening ice dam by the rain gutter

A lengthening ice dam by the rain gutterIce dams cause damage to roofs as they often build up on roof edges after a snowstorm.  According to the Federal Emergency Management Agency, these shelves of ice are formed when the water from melted snow reaches the roof with a temperature of below 32 degrees and will again freeze to create a layer of ice on the roof. The process occurs again over the course of a few days, which eventually forms an ice dam that can be a foot thick and about three to four feet in length. When an ice dam form on your roof, it can cause damage to your home, so you may need to hire expert ice dam removal.

How can you prevent ice dams?

You can prevent ice dams when you use proper attic insulation and roof ventilation to ensure that the air leaks on the roof are sealed. However, you should do this immediately after the house is built. Most importantly, it is recommended to hire skilled contractors who have expertise in roof installation, remodeling, or repair.

Another way to prevent ice dams is to remove snow on your roof immediately after a heavy snowfall. You should take a special roof rake and rake off the loose snow on your roof before they harden into ice.

How to pick ice dam removal contractors?

When choosing an ice dam removal service provider, choose one that has the expertise and knowledge. Some ice dam removal companies, incidentally, are noted for charging by the hour.  When this is the case, it is best to ask first how much is their service fee and how much work needs to be done on your roof.

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These companies can also charge fees based on different factors such as the outdoor temperature, the location of the ice dams, and the amount of snow found on the roof among others. Finding an ice dam removal company is easy, but you should choose one that suits your budget and your needs.