Important Maintenance Hacks for Your Polished Concrete Floor

Concrete FlooringMany property owners are choosing polished concrete floor due to its affordability, minimal maintenance and attractive look. If well maintained, the floor can last for up to a decade before repairs are necessary. Despite the wonderful results of a polishing pad, the floor will lose its allure if you neglect it. High-traffic areas are particularly prone to damage.

Here are some maintenance hacks to ensure your flooring serves you for 10 years or more:

Maintain Regularly

What is the amount of foot traffic on the concrete floor? It should form the basis of the maintenance schedule. For areas with continuous traffic, you may want to clean the surface daily. This is essential because it takes debris a short time to start taking a toll on the floor.

Use the Right Cleaning Tools and Substances

It is important to choose cleaning solutions carefully. You can clean your polished concrete using either automatic method or manual method. Neither of these is better; what matters is the execution. The most important thing is to avoid spreading particles across the floor in the course of cleaning. You also need to ensure that no part of the machine is scratching the floor.

Clean Spills Immediately

As smooth as it is, a polished concrete floor can still absorb liquids. Any spills and stains should be removed as quickly as possible to protect the floor surface. Allowing the spills to stand means either use of special removal methods or permanent damage to the floor.

Use Floor Mats in High Traffic Areas

If possible, floor mats should be used in high foot traffic areas to prevent rapid floor deterioration. Foyers and entrances are some of the areas to consider applying this approach.

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Despite its durability feature and other benefits, a polished concrete floor rarely survives in neglected conditions. Apply the suggested simple maintenance tips to get maximum service from your floor.