Installation Options for Replacement Glass Windows

a man installing a sliding window

Glass windows are the perfect choice for homeowners looking for abundant natural light in their interiors. Most property owners, however, steer clear of glass windows because of their high fragility. This should not worry you for your glass windows with their proper installation and replacement when needed.

There are different options a window installation company in Kansas City, Missouri, have for the replacement of windows in their locality and beyond. The best choice depends on your property’s age and condition and your budget. Here are your installation options.

Pocket Installation

In this alternative, installers will remove the parting stops, storm windows, sashes, and jamb liners, leaving only your old window frame intact. The frame will, however, be narrowed by approximately 3 ¼’’ width for pocket installation.

The installation method is easy, quick and inexpensive. A pocket window install, however, leaves minimal glass exposed compared to your original window and hence affects your viewing area, general appearance, and light.

Full Frame Installation

In this option, a contractor will remove your entire original window. The original studded or rough opening of your window is exposed before installation of a new window.

This allows for inspection of your window’s opening of insect infestation, mold and water damage and maintains the size of your original windows. Full frame installs are unfortunately costly and take more time to complete compared to pocket installs.

Sash and Frame Installation

This option works if your window sill has damages — but the frame and sash are intact. Contractors will fit your window into the jambs and against the exterior and interior stops. Though inexpensive, sash and frame installation reduces your natural light flow more than pocket installation.

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The installation of your glass windows will significantly impact your home’s energy efficiency and curb appeal. Proper installation of your replacement window is hence very important. This can only be a reality with expert installation of your glass window replacements.