Mulching—The Best Way To Control Weed Growth Under Trees and Shrubs

Plants with flower bed mulch

Weeds are persistent plants growing where they are not wanted. When they grow under trees and shrubs, you should not think there is no need to worry and walk away. Trees and shrubs may look tall and tough, but when the area around them is crowded with unwanted plants, they might be deprived of adequate water and nutrients.

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The Purpose of Mulching

Mulching under trees makes it easier for you to ensure the area is clear of weeds without constantly monitoring it. Mulching covers the soil and prevents weed seeds from germinating. A heavier layer or use of landscape plastic to cover the mulch further lowers the probability of germination.

Types of Mulches

When you choose wood chips and sawdust, you are using natural mulching material. The density of organic mulches is an advantage since the weight of the materials prevents seeds from breaking out of the soil. Yet, before applying a smothering of organic mulch test the soil for nutrients. If the soil does not contain many nutrients, the nitrogen content may decrease with the addition of organic mulch.

If you opt for inorganic mulch, you have to procure a mulch applicator and be ready to roll a perforated plastic covering. This application is particularly useful for a yard that is nurturing young trees. The plastic may be rolled over seedlings so that they can grow tall and proud in a few years’ time.

Choosing Good Mulch

Mulch can improve the composition of the soil. Consider the nutrient value of the mulch if you are concerned about the fertility of the soil. Gardeners recommend choosing medium-textured mulch. The porosity of coarse mulch and moisture retention property of fine mulch make them poor options.

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Herbicides may kill unwanted plants, but the chemicals will not prevent re-growth. For a definitive result, consider mulching the area around your favorite trees and shrubs.