On Nailing The Monochromatic Color Scheme For Your Home

House Painting Contractor Designing your home’s interior is as much an art form as it is a science. For instance, suppose you’d like to try a monochromatic aesthetic upon hiring a house painting contractor like Palette Pro Painting and Renovations. Not many can pull off a monochromatic color palette, but it can be done, with a few tricks.

Defining Monochromatic

When people hear the term ‘monochromatic,’ they may think of a palette which features only one color. This isn’t the case. It doesn’t mean that you’ll have to use the same color over and over throughout the home. It’s more about playing with a particular color’s different shades and tints. For example, a gray monochromatic palette involves shades like gunmetal, slate, or even charcoal.

Working with a monochromatic scheme focuses on the use of contrast. It’s your primary goal to create a palette where nothing blends into the larger design. A sharp contrast can make a particular shade or tint stand out, allowing you to create a palette that’s not as colorful, but still not boring. Pick a single base color and come up with a lighter and darker version of it. Then start working your way into incorporating the new hues throughout the design. You can put them wherever you want something to stand out.

Making It Last

Believe it or not, monochromatic color schemes age well because of their simplicity and flexibility. These qualities allow the aesthetic to be more lenient with new accents and furniture. It also lets you mix and match your existing furniture and put them anywhere, all without worrying whether they’ll stick out like sore thumbs. Overall, this can be light on your budget. It means you don’t have to keep buying new furnishings now and then.

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You Play It Safe, But Not Really

It’s easy to think of monochromatic designs as ‘play-safes.’ But this is where its wonders lie. While there are no big variations, there’s also little clutter and an overall sense of cohesion and calmness. Such an atmosphere is perfect for creating a relaxing abode, where organization and cleanliness are evident. It’s also easy to love, so there’s little to no reason for giving it a try.