Practical Hacks to Get the Right Lot for Your New Home

Get the Right Lot for Your New Home in BrisbaneWhere you decide to build your house plays a major role in how you’re going to enjoy your new home later.

When you’re buying a house and land for sale in Brisbane, it might be best to pick the land first. You can always design a house that is suitable to the surrounding landscape, but it’s impossible to adjust a landscape to suit your ideal home’s design.

Things such as where you place your windows and driveways or how you configure the various rooms of the house will all be affected by where you choose to build the house. A well-designed home isn’t just about the house itself. You also have to take into consideration the property where it’s going to stand.

Here are four things to keep in mind when looking for a lot:

  1. Community Lifestyle

Choose a land in an estate that fits your lifestyle. Consider what infrastructure you require are nearby, such as public transportation, retail centres, and schools and daycare facilities. If you live an active life, look for an estate with fitness centres or open spaces for hiking and trekking.

  1.  Land Condition

Factors such as stability and water drainage can cause surprise renovations in case sinkholes, landslides or flooding happens. Creeks, springs, or rivers can be a pretty addition to the landscape, but they can cause water runoff that may cause you to spend a fortune in repairs.

  1. Orientation to the Sun

The proper placement of windows can help you conserve energy and save money. Windows facing south is great for taking advantage of solar rays. East-facing windows are good for morning light, while windows to the west could quickly heat up your house and turn it into a huge oven.

  1.  Access to Public Utilities

Find a lot that provides easy access to public utilities, including water, electricity, phone, cable, and sewer. If there is no public sewage system nearby, arrange to have your own private sanitation system. This is usually considered an extra service by most builders, so prepare something extra in your budget.

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The best lot for your house often doesn’t offer everything you want. For most people, they have to compromise to find the right lot. It’s always best to be open about what options are available to you and to do your research so that you know what you are getting.