Small Lot Homes: Unlimited Space of Luxury and Elegance by Building Vertically

Small Lot HomeTimes are changing and the same can be said about real estate market. Vacant lands spaces are becoming limited due to the influx urban population that’s ever increasing. Smaller lot builders in Brisbane are now subdividing a lot into smaller and narrower blocks of building space. For some people, the idea of smaller spaces is synonymous to sacrificing luxury. 

But very talented builders and designers can prove that comfort and luxury can still be achieved in narrow spaces by maximising every inch of space.

Unlimited Space Upward

Build up space and a lot more space by going upward. Perhaps some homeowners wonder how rooms, kitchen, living area, multimedia room, library, home office, studio, sun room and a swimming pool would fit on one narrow lot? By going vertical, everything is possible. Perhaps, they might even like the idea of having a tower-like home. Talented builders can pull a good design with a perfect balance of aesthetic and functionality that will suit the lifestyle of homeowners.

Elegance and Luxury in Small Lot

Create elegance in big or small spaces within the home by utilising a creative and luxury team. Professionals can turn interior and exterior spaces into a home of affluence, comfort and luxury. Installing crown mouldings can add an elegant touch and richness to the walls and ceiling.

Colour combination can also make or break the aesthetic value of the house. A light palette will not only make space look clean and wider but it can also lend sophistication. Bold colours, on the other hand, can add elegance, richness and warmth.

Choose the right wood and wood colour that can enhance the ambience and sense of comfort of the house. A nice carpet may be nice, but wood can also give a lavish look, especially when layered with a nice rug in strategic places.

Why worry for a backyard when you can watch the sunset right from the living room and enjoy the stars in open spaces on the rooftop? The horizontal view is a perfect extension space when the building goes up.

Small lots are a challenge, but this is where creative minds work best.