Spring Cleaning: Four Easy Ideas for You to Remember

Air Conditioner Repair in Draper

Air Conditioner Repair in DraperIt’s that time of the year again when cleaning is the first order of the day. Spring cleaning means looking into every nook and cranny of your home to prevent infestations and diseases and to check for damages brought on by the winter weather.


Carpets are where a season’s worth of dead skin cells, body oils, dirt from the outside carried in by your feet, dust, and even insect feces and their dead bodies have collected. Vacuum your carpets thoroughly. This is not enough, though; rent a carpet cleaner to shampoo your carpets. Protect your furniture and carpet by placing wax paper on furniture legs until the carpet is dry. Use an electric fan and open the windows to make drying faster.

Air conditioners

Time to use air conditioners again. Make sure your air conditioner filters are clean. If you notice that they are not producing the same amount of cold air, something may be wrong other than the filter. Airtime-hvacutah.com recommend hiring Draper air conditioning repair technicians rather than attempting to repair the unit yourself. These are technical appliances and going the DIY route is not a good idea.


Take out the food in your refrigerator that’s more than a week old. It’s time to restock. But first, clean and defrost. While defrosting and before you put in anything, get some of your used coffee grounds, put it in a jar with no lid and place it in the refrigerator to absorb the smell.


Vacuum your floors. Move your furniture only a little to one side, then move them back when you’ve covered the area where their legs touched the floor. You don’t have to move them entirely out of the room or to one side of the house. You’ll save time by just moving them a little. Polish your floors with a product recommended by your floor contractor or manufacturer.

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These are only some of the spring cleaning ideas you should take note. Remember that a well-maintained house lasts more and won’t need frequent repairs.