Taking Care of Your Lawn Like a Pro

Man taking care of his lawnCaring for your lawn is more than just mowing. You have to water the grass, keep them healthy and growing nicely and keep the weeds out. You do not have to hire a professional to take care of your lawn, with these tips you are about to learn, you can take care of your own like a pro.

Water your lawn

Beautiful lawns are well-water lawns. Not only does water keep the grass longer and healthy, but it also allows you to enjoy a spring on your feet whenever you walk on your lawn. Get your sprinklers moving in the morning to water your lawn.

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Mow your lawn properly

Mowing your lawn is basic maintenance, but you have to do it right. If you want to keep your grass healthy, cut down when the grass blades are tall enough and cut off just a third of it. Also, keep your mower blades sharp or else you will just tear the grass and turn them it grayish brown instead of a healthy green.

Use a fertilizer

Keeping your lawn beautiful is all about keeping your grass a lush green. Applying a fertilizer, either granular or a liquid one will do, at least once yearly will help make your soil healthy and thereby make your grass grow better. Just do not overdo it if you do not want weak grass growth or fungal problems.

Take out everything but your lawn grass

Weed growth is like a sickness among lawns. However, weeds are not the only thing you have to take out to maintain the beauty and lushness of your lawn. You should also look for wild daisies, dandelions and even creeping buttercups. An old knife will help you take the weeds away or do with a weed killer.

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Lawn maintenance is very easy to do. However, it takes some real work and constant care for you to keep it lush, green and beautiful. Do not forget to water your lawn, mow it, feed it and weed it and you will have a well-maintained lawn that will become the envy of your neighbors.