Walk-In Bathtub Safety Features That You Need to Consider

Elderly on a relaxing safe bathtubThe increasing senior population in the U.S. has resulted in a higher demand for walk-in types of bathtubs. Most traditional bathtubs do not have safety features for seniors, and you have to search specifically for bathtubs that are designed for ease of use.

Here are the important safety features to consider when looking for a bathtub that your elderly can use:

Easy Access Door

A door that easily opens to the front or side of the tub is convenient, eliminating the need to step over the threshold and reducing the risk for falls. Opening the door must not require a lot of force, as well.

Grab Bars

Squatting and getting up may be difficult to do for a senior, as these may require the use of upper body strength that most seniors no longer have. The tub must feature a built-in seat that won’t require effort to get up from.

Anti-Scald Feature

The elderly are often more sensitive to temperature changes. They may easily be scalded when exposed to extremely hot water. However, their bath water must be heated to a certain extent. Otherwise, they are prone to skin diseases such as Legionnaires. Thus, Heavenly Walk In Tubs suggests that the bathtub you get for your elderly must be equipped with an anti-scald valve that will minimize the risk of scalding.

Ease of Controls

Seniors may have difficulty adjusting controls like the faucet, door, and drain. The controls must be located conveniently and should provide easy access to the user. The senior must be able to reach the controls without having to exert a lot of effort.

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To sum everything up, a senior’s bathtub should come with features that ensure a safe environment for the elderly to bathe in. The good thing is there are numerous models available today that meet these safety requirements.