What Not to Keep in the Garage: 5 Items You Should Store Elsewhere

White garage doorGarages are important areas, if only because they make it possible for people to keep certain things they would otherwise not be able to keep at home.

The first and foremost purpose of a garage is to keep your car or cars safe. But the garage is also where you keep a bicycle, automotive tools, even boxes of old items you intend to give away. It’s also where you would keep items like the lawnmower and the wheelbarrow if you didn’t have a shed.

There are, however, some things you should never keep behind that garage door in Logan. Here are some of them:

Seasonal clothes

Many people are guilty of using their garage to store clothes they only bring out when rainy days or winter starts. Wool jackets, boots, rain gear, earmuffs, and many other clothing items don’t belong in the garage. If you put these in there, you are exposing them to dust and fumes from the car. Keep them instead in an airtight plastic box, preferably with silica gel packets to keep them safe from moisture.

Anything made of paper

Books, magazines, gift wrappers, newspapers, extra wallpaper, old school, and office notes — all of these items are a fire hazard. This is especially true if your garage tends to get hot and doesn’t have enough ventilation. They also tend to collect moisture and attract critters like cockroaches, silverfish, and mosquitoes. Unpredictable temperature and moisture will ruin books you would like to preserve.

Propane tanks and butane canisters

Camping and BBQ fuel shouldn’t be in your garage. One leak and starting your car can cause a fire or even an explosion. Keep them in a secure, outdoor place instead.

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Unless your garage has controlled temperature like the rest of your home, it’s a bad idea to leave paint cans in there. The changing temperatures will not only ruin the color. Leaving them on the garage’s cement floor will make the can rust faster, leaving an ugly mark. Donate or throw out unused paint.

Old refrigerator

People would sometimes replace their old refrigerator with a more energy efficient model, then keep using the old one in the garage anyway. That’s even worse than just owning the old one. Moreover, the garage isn’t the best environment for a refrigerator since it’s forced to work harder. Take it to the basement if you need the additional fridge space.

Garages have a purpose – or several purposes – like any other room in the house. Keeping the items on this list isn’t one of them.