What You Need to Know Before Installing Pocket Sliding Doors

a frosted glass and wood sliding doorAnyone looking to remodel a home or office can benefit from having pocket sliding doors. It solves space issues where a traditional hinged door must cover 7-10 feet of space to open completely. Instead of having bulky, swinging doors for entryways, you can install doors that slide into two walls. But before you buy any pocket door, here are some basic tips you should know.

Check If You Have Enough Wall Space

Before you head out to select pocket sliding doors, it’s important to measure your door opening and existing wall space. This way, you can check if standard door sizes actually fit in your space. Take note that you need wall area that’s as high and wide as the sliding door. If you don’t have ample wall space, don’t worry. There are pocket door options designed to partially slide in a wall cavity. Just inquire with a professional sliding door system supplier.

Make Sure There Are No Obstructions In the Wall

Check if things like power sockets, wires, and pipes won’t get in the way of your door installation. If your wall has wires, you will have to relocate them strategically before you set up your door. Moreover, pocket sliding doors may require partial demolition of the wall to install sliding mechanisms. So whether you’re planning to do it yourself or hire a contractor, it’s best to consult an experienced builder to know how this can be done.

Consider the Type of Sliding Pocket Door

Suppliers commonly provide two types of pocket doors. The first one slides straight into the wall crevice, while the second one comes with a self-contained metal frame. The first option is usually less expensive and used for houses. The pocket door with the metal frame can cost a bit more, and is commonly installed in commercial spaces with more traffic. The framed door pocket is known to have added reinforcement for the sliding mechanism.

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Opening Options That Suit Your Space

For limited spaces, you may want a single door that disappears completely into a wall. For a wider opening that leads to a patio, you may consider double pocket doors with glass panels that both slide back into opposite walls. It would also be wise to choose easy to pull handles that complement your door’s design.

Knowing these simple tips will help prepare you for the challenges of installing pocket door. It will also make it easier to determine the type of doors that will work best for you.