Your Options for Rain Gutters

Rain Gutter System

There’s no doubt that rain gutters are a functional part of the exterior of your home. However, some people would hesitate as to the aesthetic value of the pieces. In reality, gutters contribute, albeit subtly, to the curb appeal of your home.

Therefore, when planning to install a rain gutter in your Utah home, it’s a good idea to know the options you have and how they play to the final look of your home’s exterior. Of course, the design of the gutters may affect the channeling capabilities of the drain, and this too is covered. The following are three types of rain gutters by their style:

K-style gutters

K-style gutters resemble crown molding, no wonder they are also called “ogee” gutters. They are by far the most popular of all three gutter types. Some of the popularity owes to the fact that they are made of different materials including vinyl, copper, galvanized steel, and aluminum. They also come in many sizes; six-inch troughs are the most common because they are perfect for residential roofing.

Box gutters

Also called “square” gutters, box gutters have broad and deep troughs without any contours. In the nineteenth century, they were used for flat roofs, but nowadays they can be installed to fit any roofing style. They have a stylishness and capacity for large amounts of runoffs that makes them excellent for commercial buildings.

Half-round gutters

Half-round gutters adorn a traditional house well. They are mostly made of copper or lead, materials that fit well in a traditional-themed exterior. The half-round gutters have a smaller capacity in their troughs than their counterparts, and so they need to be installed in roofing with limited runoffs.

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When selecting rain gutters, make the appearance a priority. True, it will come second to functionality, but it must not be out of the picture. Your gutters look better thought out if they complement your home’s style.